Thursday, June 7, 2012

50 Things To Do With Your Dolls - Break The Boredom

This summer may not be the summer of your dreams... No beach, smoothies, tans, and any other fun summer dreams but remember, you still have your doll and hundreds of adventures are ought to happen this summer. I have compiled a list of 50 fun things you can do this summer. Save these activities and fun times for one per day or one per week or even several a day! Whatever you want, there's just one rule to all these activities and games..: HAVE FUN!

      = Important Information!
Bold = Highlights of the Activity!

1) Have a fashion show with your doll! Use old doll boxes for the runway and dress your dolls in the silliest outfits!
2) Have a doll play-date! Invite your friends and their dolls over to your house and have a fun doll play date!
3) Host a lemonade stand with your dolls! Sell lemonade for 50 cents and a doll sized lemonade for 20 cents! Just make sure no lemonade gets on your doll! Click here for some fun lemonade stand tips!
4) Purchase the Tear Up This Book activity book from AG! There are several fun activities from stickers to mini boxes! The fun never ends!
5) Have a doll hair salon day! Try many different doll hair styles out on your dolls and take a picture of each one to make it memorable. Click here for some fun hair style ideas from the experts!
6) Make a fun smoothie for you and your doll! Blend apple juice, strawberries, and bananas for a strawberry banana smoothie! Make your doll a smoothie by getting miniature shot glasses at a drugstore ($3) and poor some smoothie in the glasses! Make sure no smoothie gets on your doll. Click here for some fun smoothie recipes!
7) Set up a doll vet! Use your AG pets and stuffed animals and pretend to give them shots, x-rays, and more! Click here to purchase the cozy bed set from AG!
8) Go to your local drugstore and find some doll sized items! If you dig hard enough, you can find many different doll sized things like gum ball machines, hair accessories, and more! Your total cost will be less than $15!
9) Camp out in your backyard (or in the woods!) with your doll! You can buy the camping gear from AG or make your own out of sheets and camp out... in your backyard (or in the woods!)!
10) Have a doll picnic! Pick up a mini basket from your local craft store and fill it with IWAKO food erasers that are doll sized foods!
11) Have your doll star in the olympics! You can buy gymnastics bars from AG (from McKenna's line), or make your own out of dowel tubes that you can get from the hard ware store. Whatever you want, be sure to always include a trophy for every contestant because everyone is a winner!
12) Travel to an exotic land! Pick up the American Girl Travel Kit but read our review of it first to make sure you'll really love it!
13) Play movie star! Dress your doll up like your favorite movie (or TV) star and reenact your favorite scene!
14) Visit an AG place! Get your dolls ears pierced, go shopping, or eat at the Cafe. Just have fun and remember, it's not all about buying stuff.. it's about having fun! Click here for more information on visiting an American Girl Place!
15) Have a movie day with your doll! Snuggle up next to your doll while replaying marathons of your favorite TV shows or watching your favorite movies! Don't forget the popcorn! Click here to learn more about American Girl movies!
16) Film your doll doing something funny! Set up a scene and write a script and film your doll! Who knows- maybe your video could be the next viral video online! Click here to watch a funny doll film made by a girl just like you!
17)  Have a doll dance! Dress your doll up in a dance costume or leotard and let her dance her heart out! Click here to buy American Girl doll costumes and leotards!
18) Explore the AG website and play some fun games! Click here for a shortcut!
19) School time! Purchase the American Girl Doll School Kit from your local book seller and get started with school!
20) Continue the school theme- it's picture day! Take your phone or camera and snap shots of your dolls looking in their best clothes for the yearbook!
21) Clean out your dolls closet! Fold her clothes neatly and organize her accessories carefully! Click here for some doll storage tips from the experts!
22) Find her morning routine! In the morning, wake her up, feed her breakfast, brush her teeth, brush her hair, and dress her in a cute outfit for the day!
23) It's manicure and pedicure time! See if you can get the Salon Station for your dolls and do her nails and toes like the princess she is! But never get real nail polish on your dolls!
24) Have a slumber party! Invite friends or just make it you two! Get the popcorn and movies and dress in your favorite pajamas and don't forget the pillows... every girl needs a pillow fight at some point in her life!
25) Wash her dog! Get the pet bath tub for your doll's dog and wash the dog! Even dogs should be pampered! Don't get any real water on any of your dolls or doll's pets!
26) Pick up the American Girl Magazine and read stories, see pictures, and read funny jokes!
27) Take her out to dinner! Use some of American Girl's fancy dinner accessories like the Silver Heels and Glassware and Treats sets!
28) Have a fiesta! Dress you doll in a cute dress and get the Fiesta set from American Girl and party away!
29) It's her birthday! Check out the birthday sets from American Girl and treat her to ice cream and some presents! Never get real ice cream on your doll though!
30) Blast to the past! Pick up one of the Historical Doll's books and get cozy and read her story!
31) Make a scrap book! American Girl has a scrap book that you can design with your dolls!
32) Go on a train ride or a road trip! Bring your doll along and snap pics on the way!
33) Go to the theater with your dolls! See a play or a movie and make sure to save a seat for your dolls!
34) Have a music showdown! Have your doll play her instrument and play your instrument! Do a duet together of your favorite song!
35) Have a dance party! Create a playlist of all of your (and hers!) favorite songs and blast out the music! Dance like nobody is watching!
36) Play a game show! Set up scenes using items around your house and film the whole show!
37) Enter her pet into a pet show! Dress your doll in her best in the Pet Show dress from American Girl and even dazzle up her dog by getting the American Girl Pet Show set just for the pets!
38) Set up a room for your doll in an empty closet or in the corner of your room! Use posters on her walls to express her feelings!
39) Make life a mystery! Read one of the American Girl mystery books and try to guess what the solution is!
40) Pretend to go shopping! Set out your doll clothes and shoes and accessories just like real stores and have a cashier, and many customers!
41) It's a sunny day! Ride on her scooter out in neighborhood and enjoy the sunny weather! Make sure not to get your doll too exposed to the heat though.
42) Do some laundry! Use the American Girl laundry set our be creative and find supplies around the house! Do not set real heat to your dolls clothes though!
43) Go for a swim! Dress your doll in her favorite swimsuit and dive in for fun in your pool or local public community pool! Never get real water on your doll or her hair or body!
44) Get your doll her own doll! Get a mini doll from American Girl and make the doll your doll's doll!
45) Cook up a storm! Cook your favorite meals and pastries using American Girl cooking sets or make your own using around the house items. Do not get real food on your doll!
46) Uh oh! Looks like your doll has been injured! Use the American Girl wheelchair and crutches to cure her or use around the house items to make your own supplies!
47) Looks like she needs glasses! Make your own glasses or get glasses sets from American Girl for a very cheap price!
48) Get her ready for anything with the Everyday Accessories from American Girl! She'll be ready to face anything out there!
49) Let her shine! Take fun, online quizzes with your doll(s) to find hers and your true identity! Try some of these fun online quizzes and tests!
50) Have fun! Always find a way to have fun with your doll no matter the weather, time, or place! Nothing can get in the way between you and your doll!

I hoped you enjoyed our 50 ways of having fun with your doll! Have you tried any of these activities? Do you have an activity idea? Post your ideas and comments in the comments!


  1. Awesome but how big is her scooter and is it a good idea to get marie graces ears pierced?

    1. Yes it would be O.K. to get her ears pierced but judt remember to keep the earrings simple.

  2. These are amazing ideas. Me and my dolls had fun trying some of them on a rainy day.

  3. I just skimmed them. I am having a masquerade ball for my AGs!

    1. wow! Your having a ball for your dolls, I wish I could have thaught of that idea. I really do like your idea.i love ag dolls

  4. Wow thanks!!!Really good ideas for my sick day

  5. Cool. I just heard the name and last name of the 2013 doll!! I won't spoil it but, it has auburn hair, freckles, and blue eyes. She keeps it in a braid a lot. She is a fourth grader and her art and music program is canceled. Her set comes with a hot air ballon, artistic objects, a horse, and so much more! You could pre orer some items from the collection on Amazon now. Have fun with your AG!

  6. iam going to try some today on 1\1\13

  7. thanks for the ideas me and my doll will have lots of fun doing some of this stuff

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  9. I'm doing one every week with my doll, Talia. THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. i like your ideas they're really good. i needed things to do with my dolls but i didn't have any ideas but now i can use these ideas with my dolls

  11. These r awesome ideas! XD Caroline and Rebecca will love thes THANKS!!!

  12. I love this blog! it is totally amazing! When ever I am bored and my dolls need to be played with I will just look for this on my book marks and pick something to do.

    from me and my dolls: Kate, Annie, Hope, Grace and Carol

  13. you could also have a DOLL SPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. please help me choose a name for my new AG doll she has: caramel hair , light skin , blue eyes. please help!

    1. you should name her Eva, she sounds like an Eva.

    2. ya! Eva sounds like a great name, she does sound like an Eva

  15. Thanks! I will be reading your blog a lot now!

  16. thanks for all the ideas, I'm having so much fun doing them with Emily, Ella, and Caroline.

  17. thanks for the suggestions but I actually ended up getting caroline but thanks

  18. I was so bored. But thanks to you time flew by!

  19. I'm gonna play a game show

  20. These are awesome ideas! How did you come up with them??? x

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  24. I love your ideas!!!!

  25. I just got my dolls, They only came with extra clothes, so I made them beds out of their boxes, what will you build?

    1. build a zipline, i did this morning it was awesome!

  26. wow great ideas! can you do all these with your animators collection (disney) dolls? can you make a list for other toys my dolls are taken away.

  27. i love these ideas! im doing all of these during spring break!!!

  28. Thanks a lot me and my friend loves dolls and we don't know what our dolls can do this summer.Thank you for the ideas.

  29. It's pouring outside so I decided to look up some ideas for playing with my dolls. I also looked on yahoo, wikihow, and finally, I remembered that I visited this site months ago. I scrolled through and now I have plenty of great things to do with my dolls! The best part, it's summer vacation so I have hours of fun just waiting to happen. Me,Michelle,Saige,Isabelle,Taylor, and Skylar, want to thank you for making this blog. Without it, I would still be stuck doing NOTHING! XD ilysm

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